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The Three Phases of Corrective Care for the Spine

Total CME Credit Hours: 1 Category I (Formal)

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Category I (Formal) |  Clinical
Clinical |  Diagnosis
Dr. Anita Haque
1 Hour


This webinar goes into the three phases of corrective/stabilization treatment of several spinal conditions from sciatica to cervical postural issues. The three phases include scar tissue removal, ligament pliability, and muscle strengthening. With the three phases, Dr. Anita Haque discusses how to put that into use in real practice with your report of findings and treatment plans.

This webinar is being sponsored by Foot Levelers, Inc. 


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Dr. Haque is a successful chiropractor, personal trainer, and author. She opened her practice in Livermore, California, in 2004 where she has treated hundreds with back pain, neck pain, headaches, and foot problems. Dr. Haque takes the lessons she has learned from building a successful practice and shares how to increase your practice and improve patient health with orthotics.


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