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Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

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Category I (Formal) |  Risk Management
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Austin C. Monroe
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Illinois recently passed a law that requires licensed professionals, including physicians licensed under the Medical Practice Act, to complete at least one hour of continuing education in sexual harassment prevention training.  The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation has adopted rules to implement the new provision.  The law intends to prevent hostile, intimidating or offensive work environments by prohibiting sexual harassment among colleagues and staff.  (This law refers to employment-related conduct, as distinct from a breach of sexual boundaries between clinician and patient, which is addressed in the Medical Practice Act and Rules.) 
In this course, Austin Monroe, JD  will cover the legal aspects and how a physician should best design appropriate sexual harassment prevention policies to protect themselves, their employees, and their practice. The course will cover all of the mandated course requirements including:
1) What is sexual harassment, including its forms and types; 
2) What should one do if one experiences or witnesses unwelcome sexual contact;
3) Reporting sexual harassment within one's place of employment and to outside entities, such as the Illinois Department of Human Rights; and 
4) Whistleblower protections. 
This is your simple, effective, relevant, and legal method to meet the requirement AND protect your practice.
This course was originally presented by Austin Monroe, JD on July 16, 2019, and sponsored by NCMIC.



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Brenner, Monroe, Scott & Anderson, Ltd.

Austin C. Monroe is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University, The Dickinson School of Law.


Mr. Monroe is a Partner at Brenner, Monroe, Scott & Anderson, Ltd a trial attorney handling cases in Illinois. These cases have included chiropractic and other healthcare malpractice, trucking and automobile liability, construction and premise liability, and other claims for catastrophic injury. Mr. Monroe has been heavily involved in complex cases, from the filing of suit through trial. He has presented and succeeded on numerous dispositive motions on behalf of our clients, and at trial has experience preparing and presenting a wide variety of motions and trial examinations.



Overall:      4.4

Total Reviews: 354


Brett C - Smithton, Illinois

"Audio "

Ira C - Niles, Illinois


Kenneth S - CHICAGO, Illinois


Lance S - Robinson, Illinois

"Very timely, and brought my attention to where there were holes in our own policies."


"It would make the presentation better if we get answers to my question: Under what kind of situation we carry out internal reporting or external reporting or both ? It is necessary to carry out both types of reporting or we need just one ?"

Margaret S - Evanston, Illinois


Dianna W - Clay City, Illinois


James C - Bristol, Wisconsin

"The webinar was well constructed and delivered. The material was actually just common sense and should be just proper behavior, but then common sense and proper behavior doesn't seem to exist much anymore. I would hope our profession would be above the common folk."

Michael T - Chicago, Illinois

"Well done"

Coral Y - Wheaton, Illinois

"I did appreciate the application of laws regarding sexual harrassment in the context of general law regarding employees and responsibilities in management of businesses. But I somehow thought that the topic of Chiropractic physicians being in physically close contact with patients andthe potential of being perceived as having unwanted sexual contact with their patients would be addressed and it was not even mentioned. Just my thoughts."

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