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Foot Hyperpronation

Total CME Credit Hours: 1 Category I (Formal)

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Category I (Formal) |  Clinical
Clinical |  Diagnosis |  Orthopedic |  Sports
Dr. Tim Bertelsman |  Dr. Brandon Steele
1 Hour


Healthcare is changing- and regardless of who is ultimately paying for your care, they want results! Now, more than ever, you must recognize the "functional" diagnoses that contribute to your patient's "structural" problems. In this chapter of their "Explosive Outcomes" series, Dr.'s Bertelsman & Steele will discuss the identification and successful management of Foot Hyperpronation a commonly overlooked "functional" problem that delays recovery. You will leave this webinar with practical, evidence-based skills for quickly resolving your patient's complaints and immediately improving your clinical outcomes.


This course was presented by Dr. Tim Bertelsman and Dr. Brandon Steele on September 1, 2015 and sponsored by ChiroUp.



Dr. Tim Bertelsman's Profile

Dr. Tim Bertelsman Related seminars and products: 16


Chiro Up

Join Dr. Tim Bertelsman and Dr. Brandon Steele at the 2020 ICS Virtual Conference on October 17th for their presentation "Resolving Shoulder and Elbow Problems- A Hands-On, Evidence-Based Approach".


Dr. Bertelsman graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic with honors in 1991 and has been running a large successful multi disciplinary practice in Belleville, IL for over 20 years. He is an expert on establishing relationships within the medical community.He has lectured nationally for many years on clinical and business topics and has been published extensively. He has served in various leadership positions within the Illinois Chiropractic Society and currently serves as the immediate Past President of the executive board. Dr. Berteslman is a Co-founder of ChiroUp.

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Dr. Brandon Steele Related seminars and products: 11


Chiro Up

Join Dr. Brandon Steele and Dr. Tim Bertelsman at the 2020 ICS Virtual Conference on October 17th for their presentation "Resolving Shoulder and Elbow Problems- A Hands-On, Evidence-Based Approach".


Dr. Steele is in private practice at Premier Rehab in the greater St. Louis area. He currently lectures for the Illinois Chiropractic Society on clinical excellence and evidence based treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. He also serves on the executive board of the ICS as the southern district president. He has been certified in Motion Palpation, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, Active Release Technique, and McKenzie Directional Therapy. Dr Steele is a co-founder

of ChiroUp.



Overall:      4.3

Total Reviews: 139


Victor K - Downers Grove, Illinois

"If the quiz has wrong answers you don't have the opportunity to go back and see which ones you got right and which were still wrong"

Linda Y - Lake Forest, Illinois

" The material of the was good however when it came to taking the exam I found it to be frustrating the information required pass the exam was missing in the webinar video and the notes. "

Ryan G - Chicago, Illinois

"Great seminar!"

Glenn L - Chicago, Illinois


Michael J - Downers Grove, Illinois

"More emphasis needed to be placed on the conditions and subjects involved in the quiz itself!"

Kelly Astrid M - Chicago, Illinois

"This Explosive Outcome series is one of the best resources available on the ICS website. The videos especially were very helpful."

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